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Floating Black ^6 ox –Speckled Dog Pottery

September 16, 2012 2 comments

Floating black —

–  colorants by percents — 

Rutile 2 —

  Cobalt Carb. 1.5. — 

RIO. 4  —- 

Manganese Diox  3


Sybil’s Black Stain –Donna Kat

June 29, 2012 1 comment
Sybil’s Black Stain
Black Copper Oxide 24.0 %
 Cobalt Oxide 2.0
Manganese Dioxide 49.0
Nickel Oxide . 5.0
Red Iron Oxide 20.0
 100.0 %

April 18, 2012 1 comment

bobs iron red

 bob’s base 

same glaze a bobs iron red bob cavenaugh

silica 27.28

epk kaolin 18.18

nepheline syenite 18.18

bone ash 9.09

dolomite 9.09

talc 9.09

deep river red/orange

red iron oxide 20.00 yes 20 percent lol

idk why the uneven number i just round them also is a very nice base glaze for transparent and semi trans

 blue to purplish

0.50  cobalt carb

5% manganes dioxide


transparent green celadon

3% copper carb

3% rutile

very nice transparent green thicker it can get floating green that looks runny we use this glaze alot to show leaf decorations and slips

 mottled blue and green

6% rutile

3% copper carb

1.50% cobalt carb

deep blue with a bit of green specks that break threw very nice i use it alot looks like a ruduction glaze another dark blue to green

another real dark blue better looking then the one above

3% cobalt carb

3 iron oxide

2.50 manganese diox

also i have not tried it but i think the colorant combo from ocean green im sure would be very nice in this glaze most of these look better thick idk what they might do on porcelain from what i know goes red orange, thats another animal lol been there

Satin Black Glaze ^10 reduction –Andy Thomas


satin doll black

red art clay 40%

neph sye 15%,

talc 15%,

flint 10%,

whiting 10%,

barium carb 10%,

magnesium dioxide 2%,

red iron oxide 2%,

cobalt carb 2%,

chrome oxide 1%

you mix up a slip , i then added rutile into the slip then added sodium silicate into the slip, if you add more sodium silicate you get bigger cracks. i personally like the small cracks like this. anyway you throw a cylinder, smooth outside with a rib, apply the slip to the outside of the cylinder then heat outside with a heat gun . you will see the slip turn matt then stop. then with one hand take a rib and pull outwards.

1\3 of a cup in a little plastic container that deli meat comes from. less sodium = smaller cracks more = bigger

rutile was about a teaspoon


satin black glaze was fired cone 10 reduction in a gas kiln

Matt Alkaline Base ^ 5 -6 oxidation or Reduction –Cara Joy De Celles

: Glaze name: Matt Alkaline Base
Cone: 5-6
Color: White
Surface: Matt
Firing: Ox. or Red.
Glaze type: Alkaline
Transparency: Semi-opaque
Nepheline syenite 30.00
Frit 3110 25.00
Barium carbonate 10.00
Whiting 15.00
EPK 10.00
Flint 10.00
Variations —
Lt. Blue 1% copper carb
Yellow w/Orange-greenish streaks (reduct) 5% RIO
Pinkish-purple + 1% Mn Diox.

Aqua Icing cone 6 ox –Carl Brothers

December 1, 2011 Leave a comment

Aqua Icing cone 6 ox

Silica 41.48
Neph. Syenite 23.61
Whiting 12.39
Lithium Carb 11.26
Gerstely Borate 6.46
Magnesium Carb 2.82
Strontium Carb 2.97 (or Barium Carb 1.98)

Tin Ox 3.05
Rutile 3.55
Copper Carb 2.50

Runny, don’t put on thick around base of piece. Good companion for Chinese blue-green

Wildflower ^6 ox –Cara Joy De Celles

September 20, 2011 Leave a comment
Wildflower cone 6 ox glaze, satin matte, breaks nicely over texture


Dolomite 12
Gillespie Borate 14 / Gertsley Borate
Wollastonite 10
Ferro Frit 3124 8
Cornwall Stone 46
EPK Kaolin 10

Magnesium Carbonate 6%

Yellow Ochre 1% will yield a very pale butter, 5% more toward mustard, brightens considerably on white stoneware or over Bringle slip

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