Wire cutter tip:

Wire cutter tip:

Clothes pins tied together with fine fishing line makes an awesome wire cutter. Also, I use it to trim even the rim of a vessel, instead of a needle tool. Works much better.


Fine dental floss makes a great wire cutter also. I have three gauges of wire cutter — one clothespins tied together with tiger wire (used for beading — strong as the regular wire cutter tool, but much more fine).


Fine fishing line tied to two clothes pins. And a regular wire cutter tool (maybe I am using the wrong word for it — but ya’ll know what I mean. Clothespins work great because you can clip your tool to something nearby and never lose it!

  1. DJ
    May 23, 2012 at 5:03 am

    Hi. I’m DJ — the one who gave the above tip. I’m a little surprised that tips are not credited to the people who gave them.

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