Repairing Broken greenware

best way to repair broken green clay –

I usually use vinegar on both sides then brush vinegar and slurry on the break then sand later. It’s iffy

Tip: Lana Wilson’s magic water recipe is the best fixer ever. Good for cracks and broken reattachments. We used to try slip, slip and vinegar, spit and anything else we could think of. Her recipe works most of the time. Also if you boil it in the microwave with slip and shredded toilet paper it works




1 gallon water

9.5 grams liquid sodium silicate

3 grams soda ash



MAGIC WATER (not metric)


1 gallon water

3 tablespoons sodium silicate

1.5 teaspoons soda ash


patch attach: paper clay with vinegar.

I use paperclay with magic water and rebisque




Pat Horsley’s Score No More


Make your own repair paste. It is miraculous. I use it to join pieces of leather hard clay together, handles or other attachments. Here’s a recipe. Do make it from your own clay:

1000 grams of your clay body in dry form, crushed

20 grams Custer Feldspar

20 grams Bentonite

20 grams Gum Arabic

1 teaspoon liquid Darvan

It is IMPORTANT to disperse the Gum Arabic. Pour boiling water over and add water up to a slip consistency. A blender really helps, then add Darvan (LIQUID) when it is well mixed. Maybe add a tiny bit of bleach if you will store it to keep odors down.


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