Loose your chamois?

Pottery tip of the day:

Loose your chamois? Stick a corner into an empty film canister, close the lid, and it will float. Or tie the chamois to a 1” fishing bobber.

Also, walmart bags strips work just as well as a chamois and cheaper too!

Or, just cut a strip out of your clay bag (mine has a wine cork pinned to the end of it to float) – works

Also, a chamois for rounding the edges of your pieces..smoothing them out. BUT….I mostly use the space between my 2 fingers (the index finger and the middle finger) and it works just as well, and I don’t have to dig to find something in my clay water. The chamois is superior to any other material as it absorbs water. I use it on all my rims, it gives them a more uniform and comfortable lip. The bobber is a good idea if you’re not always aware of where your tools are, I keep my chamois draped over the handle to my rinse bucket or in a little bowl of water so it’s wet and ready to use.

Cosmetic facial sponges are fine grained and absorbent, too, and good for finishing work.

  1. Sally Brook
    February 8, 2012 at 4:33 pm

    I use a bright pink and black fishing bob. Foats, is a bright color so I can find it, and as an extra bonus, it rattles when you shake it, so it makes a handy toy for those moments when I’m sitting staring blankly at the wheel trying to remember what I wanted to make! 😎

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