Homemade Hydrometer –Diana Ferreia,John Glumpler

Diana Ferreira‘s tip:

You can add any form of weight to it, I guess, mark the dowel.  It will sink a bit into the glaze according to the thickness, and thus give you a measurement of the specific gravity of your glaze.  I write the number down on my glaze buckets, and each time before we glaze, we just dip it, to ensure that it is still the same


John Glumpler‘s Version of this tip:
 I use the same kind of medieval hydrometer as Diana. Mine is just a stick of wood with a threaded nut tied to one end (a weight) so the stick floats upright in the glaze. I make one for each glaze, though. Each stick is labeled with the name of the glaze and has a mark on it where it floats to when the glaze is the right consistency. It’s really simple, and no more breaking expensive glass things.
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