Damp closet tip:

Damp closet tip:

To keep work leather hard for a few months, or just want to keep work from drying out over night with out covering. Get a clear bin with a lid that latches and fill the bottom with about 3 inches of plaster. Let dry. When dry add a little bit of water to the plaster and place work in the bin and cover with the lid.

Also helps to put a sponge soaked in water in the bin.I use an old refrigerator for a damp closet. It will maintain the moisture level in my works in progress for a long time. I can adjust the speed of drying (when I’m ready for it) by just opening the door various amounts (and closing it again when the moisture content is where I want it.) Now, if it is not full of damp leatherhard work, then I can just add bowls of water to keep it the right level of leatherhard. For those who have room for old frigs, folks love to give away their old ones. Otherwise, they have to pay to dispose of them.

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