Cheap slab roller:

Pottery tip of the day:

Cheap slab roller: Just go to homedepot, walmart, lowes, paint section and get a bunch of paint stirers. They are about 1/4 inch thick and are perfect for stacking for the depth, you desire, of the slab. Stack them as high as you need, in 2 stacks. Make sure each stack is approx at the width of your rolling pin. You can use a rolling pin or just a thick, wooden dowel rod. The paint stirers act as a guide for the depth and uniformity of the slab. I like to roll mine out on a board that is covered with canvas. Quick, easy, and cheap slab roller.


2″ PVC pipes make amazing pin rollers and they are cheaper…. I use the pvc pipe, but have a longer 3/4″ dowel inside it as a ‘handle.’ the pvc rolls quite freely that way, works great.



Get furring strips at the lumber/big box store – 8′ lengths and cut them down for big slabs. Cheap

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