Judi Buchanan’s OSL3 Crystalline Glaze ^5


zinc oxide           18.9

lithium carb.         8.7

dolomite               3.6

bentonite              2.7

rutile                     0.9

silica                   32.3

strontium carb.      5.0

custer feldspar    27.9




FIRING SCHEDULE  temps are given in farenheit

# 1 SIMPLE  fire to 2220 hold 20 minutes. Drop temp to1850 hold from 1 to 4 hrs.


# 2 large center ring with border. fire to2229 hold 20 minutes. drop temp to 1650 hold 10 minutes.

raise to 1900 hold 3 hrs. drop to 1650 hold 10. raise to 1900 let cool


Schedules are continually being changed and  reversing the hold positions on #2 creates a crystal with a small center ring inside a wide one.

  1. June 15, 2012 at 7:49 am

    Thanks for sharing this. I work at ^8/9 usually, but it will be nice to try a lower fired crystalline glaze.

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