bobs iron red

 bob’s base 

same glaze a bobs iron red bob cavenaugh

silica 27.28

epk kaolin 18.18

nepheline syenite 18.18

bone ash 9.09

dolomite 9.09

talc 9.09

deep river red/orange

red iron oxide 20.00 yes 20 percent lol

idk why the uneven number i just round them also is a very nice base glaze for transparent and semi trans

 blue to purplish

0.50  cobalt carb

5% manganes dioxide


transparent green celadon

3% copper carb

3% rutile

very nice transparent green thicker it can get floating green that looks runny we use this glaze alot to show leaf decorations and slips

 mottled blue and green

6% rutile

3% copper carb

1.50% cobalt carb

deep blue with a bit of green specks that break threw very nice i use it alot looks like a ruduction glaze another dark blue to green

another real dark blue better looking then the one above

3% cobalt carb

3 iron oxide

2.50 manganese diox

also i have not tried it but i think the colorant combo from ocean green im sure would be very nice in this glaze most of these look better thick idk what they might do on porcelain from what i know goes red orange, thats another animal lol been there

  1. August 20, 2012 at 8:37 pm

    Do you have any photos of the fired bone ash glaze? thanks!

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