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Satin Black Glaze ^10 reduction –Andy Thomas


satin doll black

red art clay 40%

neph sye 15%,

talc 15%,

flint 10%,

whiting 10%,

barium carb 10%,

magnesium dioxide 2%,

red iron oxide 2%,

cobalt carb 2%,

chrome oxide 1%

you mix up a slip , i then added rutile into the slip then added sodium silicate into the slip, if you add more sodium silicate you get bigger cracks. i personally like the small cracks like this. anyway you throw a cylinder, smooth outside with a rib, apply the slip to the outside of the cylinder then heat outside with a heat gun . you will see the slip turn matt then stop. then with one hand take a rib and pull outwards.

1\3 of a cup in a little plastic container that deli meat comes from. less sodium = smaller cracks more = bigger

rutile was about a teaspoon


satin black glaze was fired cone 10 reduction in a gas kiln

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