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^10 –‎Anne-marie Rineau

Whiting – 18
Silica – 33
Potash feldspar – 49
Red iron oxide – 8

Based on the amount of calcium in it, probably is an Orton cone 10 glaze.

Note for North American potters – Custer Feldspar (a commonly used brand of potash spar in the US and CA) is not what it used to be. The chemical analysis for recent shipments (late 2011 and later) shows much lower potassium than was traditional in this product, and higher alumina and silica. If you buy a new bag of Custer, test a small batch of your glaze recipe to see if it melts out properly before mixing a large batch. Your glaze may be tolerant of the change in the Seger analysis or it may underfire and then you will need to reformulate your recipe.

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