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Chris Clarke Strontium Matte ^6 ox –terri kennedy

found on clayart:

Chris Clarke Strontium Matte

Cone: 6 Color: Bronze, Blue and Green
Firing: Oxidation Surface: Matte

Amount Ingredient
1 Lithium Carbonate
20 Strontium Carbonate
60 Nepheline Syenite
10 Ball Clay–Old Mine #4
9 Silica

100 Total

Unity Oxide
.047 Li2O
.334 Na2O
.106 K2O
.009 MgO
.028 CaO
.475 SrO
1.000 Total

.577 Al2O3
.003 Fe2O3

2.973 SiO2
.005 TiO2

5.2 Ratio
8.8 Exp

Comments: All measurements measured up or down to the nearest whole decimal.
Substitutions: None

For Bronze, added
5.0 Titanium ox, 5.0 Copper carb.
Resulted in a thick, matt patina green glaze, with movement and some =
black streaking. Looks like patinaed bronze as Chris suggests. Looks =
just like the photo in her website at www.ccpots.com Paint or dip =
thickly for strongest greens, otherwise it is browner. Stays where =
applied and opaque.

For Blue and Green added
2 Chrome oxide, 4 Cobalt Carb., 4 Rutile

Resulted in a matt Blue and Green glaze. This glaze is interesting =
because it is not blue/green like a teal, it changes from blue to green =
on the surface. Very sublte changes and a smooth matt surface.

For Graphite added
8 Copper Carb.

Resulted in dark grey matt where thickest, breaking a bit greener where =
thinner. Also a smooth surface with subtle color changes from grey to =
green grey.

Good glazes for textured work

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