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Weathered Bronze Green ^6 ox –Nancy Gallagher

Recipe Name: Weathered Bronze Green

Cone: 6 Color:
Firing: Oxidation Surface: Matte

Amount Ingredient
60 Nepheline Syenite
20 Strontium Carbonate
1 Lithium Carbonate
10 Ball Clay–Old Mine #4
9 Silica

100 Total

5 Copper Carbonate
5 Titanium Dioxide

Unity Oxide
.047 Li2O
.334 Na2O
.106 K2O
.009 MgO
.028 CaO
.475 SrO
1.000 Total

.577 Al2O3
.003 Fe2O3

2.973 SiO2
.005 TiO2

5.2 Ratio
87.5 Exp

Comments: This glaze is by Pete Pinnell. It was originally developed as a cone 9 glaze, but one day a student tried it at cone 6 and found it to work. It is quite stable at cone 6; however it is right on the edge of not being completely melted. It needs to be fired to a full cone 6. It also needs to be applied a little on the thick side. It will pinhole in some situations.

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