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Hensley Blue Celadon ^10 red –Mimi Champlin

Glaze Name: Hensley Blue Celadon
Cone: 10
Type: High-Fire
Description: Classic Blue Celadon needs good reduction
…Special Instructions:
Custer Feldspar: 36.80 Grams
Silica: 32.30 Grams
Whiting: 7.80 Grams
Grolleg: 3.70 Grams
Barium Carbonate: 4.60 Grams
Gerstley Borate: 12.00 Grams
Ferro Frit 3110: 2.80 Grams
Tin Oxide: 1.00 Grams
Yellow Iron Oxide: 0.50 Grams
Total: 101.50 Grams

  1. November 16, 2011 at 10:42 pm

    I just tested this glaze this past week and it’s great. However I soda fired it and replaced the Grolleg with EPK and the Barium with 2% Strontium Carbonate, so I’m sure it looks different. Also, the result I found is more akin to a chun than a celadon, I think. Do you have any good examples of what your results are?

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